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Apocolynts' Bucktail Spin

Heads & Tails Lure Co.

A Family Owned and Operated Tradition

On the cutting edge of tackle manufacturing, Heads & Tails Lure Company brings you a broad range of tackle capabilities that is all genuine ‘Made in the USA’. From the first step to the final step, all of our products go through a rigorous process that is done right here in our facility.
Using the most sophisticated equipment and a team of what we like to call ‘Tackle Artists‘, we bring to you a complete line of fishing lures that is like no other. A line that consists of jig heads, bucktail jigs, parachute lures, nylon jigs, rigs, and replacement accents. There is a little piece of ‘Made in the USA’ for everyone. From the weekend warrior to the die hard angler, we are taking care of you, your families, and your friends with great fish catching tackle.
Our mission is to build only the best using the best. This is what we have been doing for 2 Generations.
From the tackle artists at Heads & Tails Lure Co.,
We thank you for your support and look forward to meeting you needs again in the future


Chris Hudson
 is the current IGFA World Record holder for a monster Red Grouper. 10.21Kgs(22lbs 8oz) in catagory M-08Kg(16lb). His Big Catch came on a 'HTLureCo' White/Pink 'Guppy' Bucktail